Seafood 101:
What Are the Different Seafood Seasons?

Most everyone has heard the phrase, “To every thing there is a season.” This is especially common knowledge when it comes to foods like fruits and vegetables. You may be surprised to learn that this phrase also applies to seafood. 

It is no secret that indulging in the freshest catch is of the utmost importance. However, to truly savor the flavors and experience the finest, it is crucial to understand what seafood is in season and when others will be. 

Come with us as we dive into the world of seafood seasons.

What months are seafood in season?

Dining on in-season seafood is a culinary delight that must be experienced by anyone interested in a healthy, delicious meal option. The more you know about seafood seasons, the more opportunities you will have to experience the best flavors the ocean has to offer. Fresh seafood is delicious, but fresh seafood that is in season is a masterpiece for your tastebuds.


The United States’ most consumed seafood is shrimp, and with 90% of it being imported, this means that if you eat shrimp you can almost guarantee it’s been frozen. This fan favorite is in season from late March through early December, depending on the type of shrimp and the location it’s being cultivated from.


Another beloved seafood staple is salmon. Almost all wild-caught salmon hails from the Pacific, primarily from Canada and Alaska. If you are a salmon lover, the best time to get your fix is from early summer through the end of the year.

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Crab cake at AQUA seafood and caviar restaurant

Crab is probably the most popular shellfish there is. However, with the plethora of crab types out there, the good news is that some types of crab are in season at any given time, depending upon location. The bad news is that not every type of crab is available year-round. Some popular crab seasons include:

  • Stone crab: Mid-October through to the end of April
  • Dungeness crab: December through August
  • Soft-shell crab: Early March through late September
  • Blue crab: In Virginia, March through November; in Maryland, April through December
  • King crab: October to January
  • Snow crab: Mid-October to mid-May


The supreme ruler of shellfish is unquestionably lobster — Maine lobster to be exact. This fine dining staple is at its peak from late June till late December. Lobsters farmed in Florida and California are generally at their peak from August to March. 

Alaska pollock 

Wild Alaska pollock is farmed only twice a year, the first being mid-January to late March and the second from mid-August to mid-October. These are the peak times to enjoy this delicious source of protein and vitamins.


One seafood option that is available year-round is cod, although it is at its peak in late winter in the Pacific and late Summer in the Atlantic. 


Last on our list of seafood seasonal cuisine is the wild clam. Atlantic hard-shell clams are available year-round but peak in early summer. Manila clams are best during the winter months. Razor clams, while also available year-round, are regulated by the proper authorities.

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What time of year is best to eat seafood?

The answer to this question is simple. The best time to eat seafood is all the time! However, as our list states above, there are prime times when certain types of seafood are in season. Take our advice and try every seafood type on our list during their season. 

Pick one season or choose them all and see if you can detect the difference in taste between when a particular type of food is in its prime and when it is not. We have no doubt your taste buds will be delighted when you dine on the best seasonal flavors the oceans have to offer!

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Understanding seafood seasons allows you to make informed choices when it comes to indulging in the freshest and most flavorful seafood options available. Whether it’s the vibrant offerings of spring, the abundance of summer, the richness of autumn, or the unique delicacies of winter, each season has something special to offer. 

As seafood enthusiasts, let’s embrace these seasonal variations, savoring the finest catches the ocean has to offer during their respective peak seasons. Mark your calendars and prepare to embark on a tantalizing taste bud extravaganza through the bountiful seafood seasons!

Grab your friends, coworkers, or family and join us for a dinner like you’ve never had before!


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