Seafood 101:
The 6 Seafood Basic Cuts

Seafood has been a staple in diets for over 160,000 years. There are plenty of great reasons people love seafood. Heart-healthy seafood is filled with nutrients such as protein, iron, and vitamins. Seafood is also flavorful, serving as the centerpiece of countless delicious entrees that will satisfy your tastebuds. 

When deciding where to eat in Las Vegas, it’s natural to want an incredible dining experience. Heading to one of the top seafood restaurants in Las Vegas is the perfect way to enjoy a seafood dinner with family or friends. Knowing a little about common types of seafood cuts can also help you decide which types of fish to order.

1. Butterfly Fillet Cuts

Butterfly fillet cuts are two fillets in a single cut. The two fillets from the sides of the fish are still connected by their skin. Butterfly fillet cuts are popular for freshwater fish, but this is also an excellent option for white fish such as tilapia, cod, grouper, and haddock. 

Butterfly fillet cuts are stylish fish cuts because of their butterfly shape. While culinary artists make all their dishes look fantastic, culinary artists have some unique options when presenting butterfly fillets. Popular preparation methods include baking and sauteing. 

2. Fillet Cuts

Choosing fillet fish cuts means choosing meat cut from the sides of the fish. The 

types of fish fillets are:

  • Whole fillet cuts. 
  • V-cuts
  • J-cuts

If you’re looking for a fillet cut without the pin bone or fatty meat on the side, you want to order a J-cut. Although a V-cut also has the pin bone removed, it still has the fatty side meat. 

When you order a fillet cut, you get a popular cut that can be prepared in several ways. Are you craving a marinated cut of fish? In the mood for baked or sauteed seafood? These are just a few ways culinary experts can prepare fillet cuts. 

3. Loin Cuts

Loin cuts come from the fish’s back. It’s also possible to cut fish loins into smaller pieces, called medallions. This is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a delicious cut of meat that’s boneless and skinless. Whether your taste buds are craving cod, salmon, or halibut, loin cuts will satisfy your cravings and deliver a delicious seafood dinner.

4. Steak Cuts

Steak cuts come from meat cut from across the fish’s body rather than along its sides. When you order a steak cut, you’ll get an intact cut, so be prepared for some skin and bones with your meat. Large fish produce excellent steak cuts, and you can enjoy steak cuts from various fish species, including the following:

  • Cod
  • Mahi-Mahi
  • Salmon
  • Swordfish
  • Tilapia
  • Tuna

Steak cuts are versatile, and there are many ways to prepare fish steak, including the following:

  • Baked
  • Broiled
  • Deep fried
  • Grilled
  • Sauteed

5. Tail Cuts

Tail cuts refer to the meat portion found at the opposite end from the head. There are critical differences between fish meat near the tail and meat from the fish’s center. The size of the bones in tail cuts differs from the bones in the center of the fish, and there’s more skin on the meat in the center. This makes center cuts of fish softer than the crispier tail pieces. 

The tail cut is popular with salmon. You can expect to find bones in a tail cut. 

6. Whole Fish Cuts

This name may be misleading. Whole fish cuts can include the head, organs, and tail, but you can also get a whole fish cut without the organs. Whole fish cuts are suitable for multiple types of fish, including the following:

  • Cod
  • Haddock
  • Salmon
  • Sea Bass
  • Trout
  • Tilapia

Fish cuts affect the taste and texture of the meat. Learning about the most common seafood cuts before heading to one of Las Vegas best seafood restaurants is a great way to make sure you order the best fish cuts for your taste buds. Come join us for dinner and discover mouthwatering seafood and more on the Vegas Strip. Maybe you’re looking for where to eat caviar in Las Vegas, craving white fish, or in the mood for shellfish. We’ll deliver an impressive dining experience that satisfies your culinary desires and keeps you coming back for more.